The Aries New Moon Ritual

The Aries New Moon Ritual

This month's new moon arrives in Aries, the sign that represents authenticity, optimism, and honesty. This energy urges us to seek out our most honest inner selves. We are reminded that, no matter what is happening around us, we must stay true to ourselves in order to push through.

New moons represent new beginnings, and with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, this is the perfect time to start a new chapter. Creative energies will be at their highest, so use this time to build clear visions in your mind. 

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Cleanse

As you begin to write this new chapter in you life, it's best to start with a clean slate, or in this case, cleansed, positive energy. We are lighting our Enya • Wild Mint & Lime Candle for a nice vibe refresher. Mint has long been used as an effective stress reducer, while top notes of lavender promote a soothing environment and help to achieve a calm focus. 

Step 2: Find Your Truth

You are the author of your own story. Since Aries represents new beginnings, this is a great time to break out a brand new moon journal. Spend some time writing out you truths. What are you grateful for? What are your strengths? What brings you joy? Make a few lists to help you connect to your innermost authenticity. 

Step 3: Plan A New Beginning

Aries fiery energy makes this the most fortuitous time to plan a new beginning. After you've spent time discovering everything that brings you the most happiness, it's now time to write down what you want to achieve. This is the most powerful time for manifestation, so take your time and be sure that you are being completely true to yourself. What goals can you visualize yourself achieving and enjoying? 

Once you've finished writing, put your moon journal on your windowsill along with any crystals to charge in the moonlight. Allow the new moon's energy of growth to wash over your intentions. 

Make sure to get a restful night's sleep, new moons can be very draining! 

Happy New Moon, Candle Coven!

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