The Pisces New Moon Ritual

The Pisces New Moon Ritual

This new moon arrives in Pisces – a water sign that rules altered states of consciousness, sleep, empathy, and a laid back mentality. While Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which means some things will come to an end, new moons signify a new beginning and create the perfect energy to set intentions. 

This is a great opportunity to define your feelings and open up your mind to new possibilities. This energy is all about emotional growth, creativity, and intuition. Tap into your inner magic and manifest your next chapter. Spend time today connecting to Pisces' emotional depth, and say "goodbye" to the things that you won't be bringing with you in this new chapter. 

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Tap In

We want to work with Pisces' empathic water energy to help us tap into our deepest intuition. We're filling our space with the uplifting scent of the Tanya! • Aegean Lemon Zest Candle. Lemon is known to increase psychic awareness and improve concentration. 


Step 2: Discover Your Intuition

Honor Pisces' water element by taking a relaxing new moon bath. Play some of your favorite music, light your candle, add some bath oils, and embrace the feeling of opening up your third eye. Imagine that this bath is a conduit to your intuition. Allow your mind to think forward – what do you want to focus on in the future, what are you leaving behind? Leave your bath feeling cleansed, relaxed, and open to what is to come. 

Step 3: Dream

Since Pisces rules sleep, tuck in for a good night's rest. New moons can typically drain your energy and this one is no exception. Allow this dip in energy to lull you into a restorative sleep. As you fall asleep, think of everything that you want to manifest and create during this next chapter. Keep a dream journal by your bedside and note anything your dreams may have brought you. Use Pisces' intuitive energy to discover what these dreams mean for your future.

Happy New Moon, Candle Coven!

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