Women's History Month: Movies To Watch

Women's History Month: Movies To Watch

women's history month: what movies to watch
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It's Women's History Month and we're celebrating by watching movies that star some of our fave inspirations!

1. Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché

poly styrene

This 2021 doc about the late punk icon Poly Styrene follows her daughter, Celeste, as she combs through her mother’s extensive archives. Ruth Negga narrates the film using Styrene’s prolific poetry and guides us through her troubled yet beautiful life. Looking back at Poly Styrene’s work and contributions to music and art, we see just how ahead of her time she was. This movie is well crafted and thought provoking. A must watch!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Poly • Sour Candy Candle

2. A League Of Their Own

a league of their own

“This used to be my playground….” Ok I’m already crying. This movie falls into the exclusive category of “Movies Alaina Watched Compulsively As A Child,” and let me tell you I watched this movie literally every day. I was a member of the All American League. I was the head of the Dottie fan club, I was obsessed with Marla Hooch, and like everyone else, I was devastated when Kit was traded to Racine. No duo comes close to Mae and Doris, and of course, there’s no crying in baseball. This movie SMASHES the Bechdel Test, and the guy we have to tolerate the longest is TOM HANKS. What a relief. Thank you Penny Marshall for all you’ve done for us.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Madonna • Pink Pepper & Fig Candle


3. 9 To 5

9 to 5

This absolute gem marks her majesty Dolly Parton’s cinematic debut, and fun fact, she accepted the role only under the condition that she would write and sing the theme song. She went on to get an Oscar nomination and two Grammy awards for her hit song! Throw in the ICONIC Jane Fonda and the hilarious Lily Tomlin and you get the best workplace revenge fantasy ever made.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Dolly • Peach & Lily Candle


4. First Wives Club

first wives club

If you haven’t watched this movie recently, I implore you to. You must, like THIS WEEKEND. It’s got everything: a powerhouse trio of besties, gross ex-husbands, SJP and Elizabeth Berkley as second wives, a musical number, and...Ivanka Trump? I promise it works! She lands a real zinger! Anyway, this movie truly so fun and can be watched a thousand times!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the First Wives Collection


5. Silkwood


In this based-on-true-events film starring Meryl Streep and CHER, Streep plays Karen Silkwood, a worker at a nuclear fuel production facility in Oklahoma. This story is as relevant as ever: Karen, worried about the threat of exposure to radiation, becomes a union activist who brings attention to the dangerous corporate practices that plague her and her co-workers. Both Meryl and Cher were nominated for Oscars and Cher ended up taking home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. I, for one, will watch literally any movie that has both Meryl and Cher. I can’t think of anything better. Also, I reference the Silkwood Shower maybe every day.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Cher • Jasmine & Rosewater Candle


6. Waiting To Exhale

waiting to exhale

First things first, this movie has one of the best soundtracks of all time. Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon and Loretta Devine star in this ode to strong female friendships. These ladies are there for each other through the trials and tribulations brought on by the men in their lives. This 90s classic will make you laugh, make you angry, but mostly will make you happy to have your friends by your side. SHOOP!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Whitney • Freesia & Citrus Candle


7. Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story


This 2017 doc is about the fascinating life of actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. It explores themes like World War II, emigration, failed marriages, sex positivity, oppressive beauty standards, and the women’s fight to gain respect in Hollywood. What really makes the Hedy Lamarr story so captivating is her lesser known contribution to the world of science and invention. Lamarr’s contributions to the world go so far beyond the surface.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Hedy • Amber & Tuberose Candle


8. All About Eve

all about eve

I honestly believe that you can’t have a list about Women’s History Month movies without including the “affable” Bette Davis somewhere. I have chosen her ICONIC film, All About Eve, a 1950 film about a highly regarded yet aging (she’s only 40 GAWD) broadway star. Tackling the timeless issue of women aging out of Hollywood, this film shines a spotlight on the infighting caused by corrupt misogyny at the highest levels.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Bette • Rose & Berries Candle


9. Mamma Mia! + Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

mamma mia

And last but certainly not least, the Mamma Mia franchise to round out this list! Mamma Mia! the First, Meryl's highest grossing movie of all time, is just a classic feel good ode to women empowerment. Who cares if Donna doesn't know who her baby daddy is!??! Why not just have 3?? No one's even mad about it! And there's nothing better than watching The Dynamos live their best lives to ABBA classics. Then Mamma Mia! the Second comes in and is JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER?!?!? What a gift! AND CHER COMES TO GREECE IN A HELICOPTER?!?!? Say no more!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Dynamos! Collection

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