The Worm Moon Ritual

The Worm Moon Ritual

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While the Worm Moon signifies the first signs of Spring, spiritually it signifies the perfect time for a fresh start. As signs of new life spring from the earth, we are urged to bloom anew ourselves.

This month's full moon arrives in Virgo, a sign known for its organization and planning abilities. 2022 may have you already feeling overworked and burned out – you are not alone. We have all been put through the wringer lately and this full moon is here to help you sort things out. Take time to tap into Virgo's energy to help map out your future.

Our Full Moon Ritual

Step 1: Focus

Settle into a comfortable space where you can focus. If you find your space is a little messy or distracting, take a page out of Virgo's book and spend some time organizing so you can enjoy a clutter free space and mindset.

We want to magnify this full moon's planning energy. For this we are burning a candle with effervescent and positive energy – our brand new Britney • Sparkling Lemonade Candle. With notes of sweet lemon, white florals and vanilla, this candle promotes a positive yet calm environment, perfect for planning and organizing!


Use our Wand Matches to light your candle and set positive intentions. As you light it, imagine white light surrounding you and protecting you.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Take some time to write down everything you want to achieve in the next few months. Write down some practical steps you can take to reach these goals. Don't get overwhelmed by the upcoming journey, remember to take things step by step. 

Step 3: Manifest

It's important to bring a sense of forgiveness into your planning and organization. This ritual should not be stressful at all. When making plans, don't focus on all the things you could have or should have done, that was not your pathway. Let all of that self-judgement go and manifest with a clear and open mind. 

Once you're done, place your brainstorm lists on your windowsill alongside some of your favorite crystals to charge in the moonlight. As you move through the next phase, hold onto these crystals to help you tap into Virgo's energy in moments of stress. 

Make sure to extinguish your candle with a wick dipper or candle snuffer. You never want to "blow" away your intentions when putting out your candle. 

Happy Worm Moon, Candle Coven!

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