The Taurus New Moon & Solar Eclipse Ritual

The Taurus New Moon & Solar Eclipse Ritual

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At the end of this month, eclipse season begins with a new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses represent the ultimate competition of the Sun vs. the Moon. This isn't a showdown in the traditional sense, but a representation of our outer selves (the shining sun) versus our inner selves (the dark moon). When the moon stands in the way of the sun, even if for a brief moment, the order is disturbed and its impact is felt in the universe. You may not even initially notice this solar disruption, but eclipse energy means chaos. 

We typically view the new moon as a time to start a new chapter, to visualize the "new" dark moon as an empty cup, which we are to fill up with all of our hopes and dreams. It's a time to manifest and send out our intentions. This is all different when we are in the midst of a lunar transit. Too many things are in motion to proverbially "stick the landing" with manifestation during this time. We are urged, rather, to observe and take note of things as they live in the grey areas.

You are mid-flight on a journey to your next checkpoint, make sure you see where you are about to land before you plan your next takeoff. 

Our New Moon Ritual

Step 1: Cleanse Your Space

In order to clearly observe this new moon's message, take a moment to cleanse your space of any negative energy. We like to do this with scented candles, that complement our energy, as we can keep them lit throughout the ritual to help keep the mood lifted and open.

We want to burn something that promotes clarity and focus. For this we are using the Willow • Palo Santo Candle. Palo santo, resinous labdanum, and smoky birch tar sit a warm base of vanilla bean and cedar. 

Step 2: Meditate

The purpose of this meditation is calm, focused relaxation. Use Taurean energy to treat yourself and indulge. Make yourself very comfortable, put on your nicest loungewear and get our your crystals. We recommend rose quartz as it lowers stress and tension in matters of the heart, while also clearing out negative emotions like anger or jealousy. Also, rose quartz is considered by many to be the Taurus spiritual birthstone.
Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Don't force any thought, allow yourself to be a vessel and just observe and receive information. 

Step 3: Write It Down

After you've spent some time in quiet meditation, get out a pen and paper write down anything that popped up during mediation. Even if it doesn't make sense now, write it down. Your job is not to interpret these messages or to manifest anything, your goal is to simply observe. Taurus is a logical thinker who takes stock of things before taking action. We want to mirror this energy and take time to contemplate what these messages mean for us over the next moon cycle.

All of the seeds you've planted so far this year are rapidly growing beneath the surface. As an earth sign, Taurus reminds us to stay grounded and have patience while seedlings prepare to bloom. 


Happy New Moon, Candle Coven!


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