A Letter From Our Founders

A Letter From Our Founders

Dear Bijou Babes,

To us, Bijou is more than just a candle company—it’s living proof of our real life love story—and what women entrepreneurs can do together. Without making you gag too much, we’d love to share a little bit of how Bijou came to be. 

In 2012, we were just two silly gooses making our way through the New York improv scene. Alaina, a creative director by trade, joined an all-ladies comedy team and Jocelyn, a makeup artist (and all-around beauty guru), was a fellow member. We immediately bonded over comedy, dogs (small ones), and trashy reality TV. The rest, as they say, is history.

After getting married and moving in together, we discovered another thing we have in common—candle hoarding. We’d both spend our pretty pennies on expensive bougie parfumée delights only to never burn them. Couldn’t they be cheaper? Shouldn’t they? And that’s where the idea for Bijou was born. 

Our mission is to constantly inspire and be inspired by women in our lives and throughout history. That’s why we name our candles after women—cause we truly believe "Women are magic." 

We love creating together and hope that you can see a bit of that love and magic in each and every one of our candles. 

Alaina & Jocelyn

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