Behind The Flame: The Coven Tall Votives

Behind The Flame: The Coven Tall Votives

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The Coven Tall Votives and Wand Matches are here, and we’re talking about the inspiration behind the flame!

We wanted a way to enjoy the Coven Candles for longer. Naturally, a longer burn time means a larger vessel, and while we love ourselves a gigantic three-wick candle, we felt that The Coven needed something more iconic. We found ourselves obsessing over the classic tall votives that remind us of religious art and candle magic. Nothing could be more perfect than The Power of Three lined up in beautiful, tall vessels covered in gold filigree.

When it came to the design, we wanted to create something that embodied the things that we feel connected to: astrology, tarot, magic, and the stories behind the Coven ladies. Alaina knew immediately she wanted to work with her long time tattoo artist, Michelle Tarantelli. We loved the concept of the Coven getting “tattooed” by the same artist as Alaina. The result was a unification of all the elements that have inspired Bijou.

Each candle wears a sigil that carries the essence of its namesake. Hermione wears a heart, significant of her bravery and unwavering sense of positivity. Sabrina wears dual serpents, representing balance and strength. Willow is represented by the phases of the moon, signifying change and growth. We believe these magical sigils support the transformative energy of aroma and candle light. We hope you light these candles and set forth whatever positive intentions you wish to manifest. 

As with all of our candles, we spent months test burning to ensure the most magical candle experience. When testing these tall babes, we found ourselves with a very EXCITING problem. How do you light an over 8 inch candle when the wax nears the bottom? Clearly we needed a magic wand to get the most out of these votives, and thus the Wand Matches were conjured up!

Lighting these 11 inch matches is truly a magical and luxurious experience. You’ll find yourself looking forward to lighting these candles time and time again, and with over 140 hours of burn time, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to do so!

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