Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder of The Style Theory

Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder of The Style Theory

Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder, Owner, Creative Director of The Style Theory & TST Collective

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The future IS female and Lisa Rosado of The Style Theory is helping to ring the alarm. Lisa runs this incredible online blog and boutique and hosts a bevy of seasonal pop-up shops that bring women-owned businesses together. This bossbabe is not only talking the talk about female empowerment but is truly walking the walk by empowering and giving stage to fellow lady bosses.

It’s been our pleasure to have a chat with our friend, Lisa, and get her take on what it takes to pave the way in this exciting platform women are creating for themselves.

Name: Lisa Rosado
Age: 30
Education: Pace University, BA in Acting
Title: Founder, Owner, Creative Director of The Style Theory & TST Collective

How did you get started with The Style Theory?
TST was once, which was initially my acting website, but once I made the decision that I wanted to focus on retail and was working crazy hours with what felt like little connection to the world, I decided to share my love of beauty & fashion on the world wide web in hopes of connecting with others with similar interests. 

In January 2016 my blog morphed into The Style Theory, which incorporated fashion, beauty AND lifestyle all while I shared my personal journey toward styling my life happy and creating a life that I love while doing what I love and my online women’s boutique The Style Theory Collective. I wanted to chronicle my journey as an entrepreneur and have been utilizing our blog to not only share my own, but we also love sharing the stories of other female creatives & entrepreneurs across our platforms.

After realizing the power & importance of community & coming together as creative girl bosses in the retail space, we began hosting our for-women-by-women pop-up shopping events in NYC in support & celebration of women-owned businesses, which has become such an amazing passion project!

What is a typical day at work like for you?
I generally like to take 2-3 hours to wake-up, unwind & take care of myself. That may seem like a lot of time to some, but when I actually take this time to myself in the morning, I feel much more fulfilled and have a happier, more productive day.

Everyday is completely different from the next, but the day will generally start with jotting down what needs to get done that day, packing & shipping online orders, answering e-mails, scheduling/planning/creating blog & social content, pitching & planning our for-women-by-women pop-up events, and meetings & check-ins with my assistant. Half the week I generally work from home and about 3-4 days out of the week I work out of The Wing, an amazing all women co-working space in NYC.

What trends are you seeing in the next year? 
Babes in structured suits, monochromatic lavender from head to toe & pops of ultra violet. Now that I think about it, dare I say everyday glam rock vibes?! I like the sound of that!

What is the best thing about your job? 
Connecting with fellow female entrepreneurs and supporting them throughout their journeys.

What is your idea of self-care and relaxing?
Soulful tunes, meditation, a good soy candle & yoga

What's your advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business in retail?
Pay attention to your zone of genius & what it is that you are truly passionate about. Get super clear on your why, immerse & educate yourself into your area of interest. Tap into your resources, search for mentorships, find a community of like-minded, supportive girl bosses. It will make all the difference!

Coffee or Tea? 

Guilty pleasure?
Dancing with Stars, Chocolate, Personality Quizzes

Favorite place in the world?
Iceland & Italy

Words you live by?
We can do it all, but we can’t do it alone.

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