How to Design the Perfect Shelfie

If you look up #shelfie on Instagram you will come across beautiful setups of various potions & lotions, luxe candles, crystals, and fancy jade rollers. Learn how to create the perfect shelfie to bring joy to your space. 

If you look up #shelfie on Instagram you will come across beautiful setups of various potions & lotions, luxe candles, crystals, and fancy jade rollers. These glorious altars to the self-care gods are not just for photo-ops but also beautiful mainstays for your bathroom and living room shelves. I’m always maneuvering precious bottles of perfumes, candles, and knick-knacks around to give the perfect vibe to my home decor. When everything has its right place, it really brings me so much joy. It’s a great way to showcase your current mood and faves in your space. I’m like Snape and his precious potions storage closet – no touching, Potter.

To build the perfect shelfie, you first need to come up with a theme. This could really be anything from a color (pink? Lavender? GOLD??) to a vibe (crystal energy? Succulents? BRITNEY SPEARS??). It’s your shelf, so live your best life. For this shelfie, I’m using a rose quartz standing point crystal as my “inspiration piece” (remember that term from old school Trading Spaces? It was usually some busy accent pillows or a LITERAL BALE OF HAY.)

Next we need to add something that can create an ambience. I may be biased, but I think a Bijou candle will do just the trick. I’ve chosen our Ambre & Tubereuse candle because I want something light and floral to tie it all together. I’m obsessed with the pop of gold on this candle so to bring that out I’m adding this gold foil picture frame with a polaroid from our wedding.

When you build your shelfie, it’s important to think of height elements. For something taller I’m adding a bottle of Florida Water. Florida Water Cologne is a staple ingredient for many spirit-workers, magic makers, and healers. It’s unique botanical blend has been used for years as an all-purpose blessing agent to clear away unwelcome vibrations and attract benevolent forces. Perfect for harnessing good vibes in your home!

I wanted to amp up the pink to help complement the rose quartz. With the addition of a beautiful pink shell vase and a pink perfume bottle, we’ve achieved #ihavethisthingwithpink realness. Pink is one of those colors that sneaks up on you and one day you realize, it might be your favorite. Whatever I’m a newborn baby, #sueme.

At this point, we have a pretty cute shelfie on the horizon, but I feel it’s missing some “natural” elements. Enter my favorite snake plant growing wildly out of a little eyelash vase, with her pale pink lipstick – she fits right in. I’m also placing a sage stick on this shelf because Mercury is in retrograde and you should always have one at hand.

Height is important in a shelfie, but shorter trinkets help to finalize the details. I’ve added some cute whozits and whatzits galore throughout to fill the space and add a little contrast – a black perfume bottle, a black diamond ring box, and a little gold incense burner.  

Knowing when your shelfie is ready is a matter of “feeling” and for me this shelf feels fabulous! My favorite part about having a shelfie in your home decor is the constant tweaking. Add another candle, maybe some flowers in the shell vase...the possibilities are endless. It’s an ever changing altar to my current mood and brings a smile to my face whenever I walk by.

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