Candles & Crystals 101: Bringing The Magic Home

Candles & Crystals 101: Bringing The Magic Home

There are many ways to bring positive energy into your home, from hanging art to changing the way you arrange your furniture. However, there are also two simple solutions to add and change the energy in your home based on your ever evolving needsburning candles and using crystals.

Candles release an aromatic and sensory atmosphere in your home. Aside from the warm flickering glow, the fragrance of candles can quite literally set the mood. Notes of citrus can transport you to the tropics in the midst of a blizzard, and the musk of cedar or sandalwood can create an instant coziness of a cabin in the woods.

Similarly to candles, crystals exude a natural energy. While there are many different kinds of crystals, each type can help manifest your intentions and heal you both mentally and physically. Different crystals act as conduits for various energies, and incorporating them into your home can increase relaxation and create a positive atmosphere.

Combining the forces of candles and crystals can create the ultimate energy balance in your home. Here are a few of our favorite pairings!

Hermione & Soladite

While there may not be a crystal equivalent to the Philosopher's Stone, sodalite is a great alternative! This deep indigo stone infuses the harmony between your intelligence and intuitiontwo guiding traits for any Gryffindor. In addition to being the perfect desk accessory while cramming for a big exam, sodalite also helps you to get in touch with your deeper self. It can provide a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to feel more empowered.

Ava & Rose Quartz

Ava incorporates notes of ripe fruits, and is perfected by the indulgence of patchouli, leather and vanilla. She will immediately transport you to a walk along the Seine and entice your romantic side. Known as the stone for the hopeless romantic, rose quartz will allow you to tap into your romantic nature and attract charm, glamour and compassion into your life.

Claudette & Moonstone

Combine blooming lily and jasmine with sensual tuberose, sweet vanilla and deep musk, and you have the irresistible Claudette. Pair with a moonstonea dreamy, ethereal stone that beckons you to go with the flow. By empowering visualization and intuition, moonstones are the perfect way to cleanse the mind of negative emotions, which may be holding you back.

Sabrina & Amethyst

Infused with bergamot, blood orange and lemongrass, Sabrina is a reviving citrus mellowed by earthy notes of patchouli, sandalwood and black pepper. Filled with angst, just like any other teenager, Sabrina not only deals with everyday high school dramas, but the growing pains of learning to become a witch as well. Amethyst is the perfect combination for all those dealing with emotional stressors, as it encourages inner strength and peace.

Willow & Citrine

Pair palo santo with labdanum and a smoky birch tar, and you have an irresistibly earthy Willow. Always the studious type, the Willows of the world are innocent, curious and wide-eyed. Just like citrine, everything about you emanates positivity and joy. Holding this stone close can increase creativity and your openness to change, which will complement your naturally curious tendencies.

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Oh man, now I just really want to watch Steven Universe. You had to mention rose quartz! :)

Oh man, now I just really want to watch Steven Universe. You had to mention rose quartz! :)

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