Meet Carrie & Julia: Hosts of We’re The Ladies Podcast

Meet Carrie & Julia: Hosts of We’re The Ladies Podcast

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Get cozy and plug your earbuds in. Whether you’re getting through a grueling commute, killing time at the laundromat or pushing through the last leg of your workout, podcasts are the new wave of streaming. Enter Carrie Murray and Julia Giaimo, the empowering and entertaining women behind the up-and-coming podcast, We’re The Ladies.

With a new episode each week, Carrie and Julia dive into relatable topics from the latest in entertainment and finding a work-life balance, to trending headlines and global events. From the comfort of their own couch, these Brooklyn-based millennials offer real, lighthearted conversations that make listeners feel like they are in their living room with them, wine in hand.

Vivacious, strong and witty, We’re The Ladies is the much needed down-to-earth podcast you need to add to your playlist.

Life With The Ladies

Q: For first time listeners, what can they expect from listening to the We’re The Ladies podcast?

A: Really whatever we feel like talking about that day, it varies based on current events and our lives! We like to keep it as in the moment as we can.

Q: What was the inspiration for starting We’re The Ladies, and how do you see the podcast evolving?

A: We’re both active podcast listeners and thought it would be fun to do it ourselves, and create an audience in a new way. Regarding the evolution of We’re the Ladies—we're taking it week by week. Lately we are trying to involve our listeners more by having them submit questions that we can answer each episode.

Q: What do you love about podcasts, and how do you feel they allow you to communicate with audiences differently than other social platforms?

A: We both like listening to podcasts because it’s another form of entertainment that allow us to get lost in a story. To be honest, on our end it feels less personal because we are essentially talking to each other in our apartment, but to our listeners, it's more personal and it's like they are talking to friends.

Q: How do you both practice self care and why is it important while juggling 9 to 5 jobs in addition to multiple side passions?

A: We’ve always prided ourselves on creating a really cozy and comfortable home (we’re roommates) to come back to after long days of work and life, and we think that's a super important foundation to have.

Q: As boss babes, what advice do you have for young women who are trying to create their successes and find their own voice?

A: Do what you WANT to do. Instead of “success” being the goal, make your own personal happiness a goal and the main priority.

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