Meet Jessica Sloane: Event Planner & Designer

Nashville Wedding Planner and Event Designer Jessica Sloane
Your go-to gal for weddings and pretty things.
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When it comes down to planning a wedding or a special event, you can definitely count on Jessica Sloane as your go-to gal. As creative director, event planner, florist and designer all-in-one, Jessica's impeccable vision has led her work to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, Southern Living, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty among others.

Read further to see how this top Nashville wedding planner and event designer made a name for herself.

Jessica Sloane
Age: 36
Education: BS from Samford University in Sociology
Title: Event Designer, Creative Director, Stylist

How did you get started with weddings and event planning?
By designing my own. I had a career in social work before getting engaged, but I always had this knack for interior design. I also studied photography a little in college and fell in love with composition. I was really drawn to the event industry and just took a leap of faith. I'm glad it worked out!

What is a typical day at work like for you?
Emails, meetings, more emails and time with my wild 3-and-a-half year old, Sullivan.

What trends are you seeing in the next year?
I think we'll see a use of different textures, less metallics, and cleaner design. Minimalism is the becoming more and more popular.

What is the best thing about your job?
Working with people who I get to know and care about and making their day something that they truly enjoy. Designing and seeing that design come to life. I also love that I have a lot of flexibility with my work hours and get to travel. There is no distinction between work and pleasure in my life, it's all part of the same.

What is your idea of relaxing?
Being in a beautiful scenery, eating well and drinking red wine!

What's your advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business in wedding planning?
Find a mentor. Shadow someone. Know what you're getting into and use that as training since we don't go to school for this profession! It takes a certain type of personality and people skills to be successful in the wedding industry.

Coffee or Tea:
Both — dirty almond milk chai latte to be exact

Guilty pleasure:
Online shopping

Favorite place in the world:
I lived in London for a little bit and adored it. Italy was my absolute favorite place to visit. Greece was a close second!

Words you live by:
Simple IS more. It's more challenging to be well-curated, but the editing pays off. You're able to see what matters when there's less distractions. This is my aesthetic approach, but also how I strive to live.

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