Full Moon In Leo Ritual

Full Moon In Leo Ritual

This year's first full moon is here to bring the fire. Arriving in the sign of Leo – the sign characterized by bravery, charisma, and passion – we are urged to take center stage and showcase our needs and desires. 

This particular placement also brings high potential for drama, so it's best that we practice self control and shine some of Leo's bright light onto the situation. You may feel the need to express yourself to others, but take care in how you do this to avoid conflicts. 

We are in Mercury's pre-retrograde shadow (it goes retrograde on the 30th) so take extra care in your interactions as miscommunications are on the table. 

Our Full Moon Ritual

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

We have got to cleanse! Get out your most cleansing candles and free your space of any negative energy. We are trying to avoid toxicity and miscommunication, for this we're using our Willow • Palo Santo Candle. Light your candle a focus on the intention of clearing your mind and space of negative energy. 

Step 2: Protect Yourself

Spend time in quiet meditation and imagine cloaking yourself in a protective white light. As we enter into Mercury Retrograde, we want to make sure we are protected from the negative affects of misunderstandings. Use Leo's vivacious energy to exude positivity all around you. 

Step 3: Understand Yourself

Use this time to allow yourself to consider your needs and desires. The full moon is the perfect time to find a deeper understanding of yourself or a situation that has been on your mind. What is the best way to communicate your needs? What is worth addressing and what is worth letting go? Learning how to best communicate your needs will help avoid drama during this phase. 


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