New Moon In Aquarius Ritual

New Moon In Aquarius Ritual

Whitney Freesia and citrus candle
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The new moon signifies that it's time to recenter ourselves and to focus on the next few weeks before the full moon arrives. Take this time to reconnect with yourself and utilize Aquarius' innovative energy to think outside of the box. 

There is a lot of concentrated energy in this full moon with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all lined up in Aquarius. We also have to be mindful of the fact that this new moon arrives while Mercury is in retrograde. While this extra burst of inspirational energy will help us to set intentions, make sure they are extremely clear. 

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Set The Mood 

Play some inspirational music – something that gets helps you to embody the Aquarian free spirit. Light an uplifting candle to help get your creative juices flowing. We're lighting the Whitney • Freesia & Citrus Classic Candle for this. Notes of fresh tangerine are known to boost your mood and spark creativity!


Step 2: Let It Flow

Grab a pen and paper and just start free writing with the intention of setting upcoming goals. Allow your thoughts to bubble up and write them down without censoring yourself or trying to make sense of them.

After you've done this for a few minutes, look over what you've written down and keep these thoughts in mind as you move onto the next step. 

Step 3: Connect Your Energy

Get yourself into a comfortable position and meditate with a focus on your free writing. Allow yourself to discover the truth behind your writing and what it means for you in terms of your inner desires.

These are the goals you should be setting for this new moon. When you allow your deepest truth to help you move forward, this is the clearest way to communicate what you wish to manifest. 



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