New Moon In Pisces Ritual

New Moon In Pisces Ritual

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This new moon arrives in Pisces – a water sign that rules altered states of consciousness, sleep, empathy, and a laid back mentality. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents the end of things. New moons signify beginnings, so this particular moon will urge us to let go of the past, let go of things that are holding us back, and to surrender ourselves completely. We are moving forward, whether we're ready or not, and Pisces' energy will help us to move with the tides.

Pay special attention to the empathy that Pisces encourages. Sometimes the things we think are holding us back are really just our refusal, whether it's conscious or not, to come to terms with the past. We cannot change what has happened, all we can do is focus on acceptance and an understanding of why certain things have come to pass. With the Spring Equinox just around the corner, this is the perfect time to jump into the Piscean water and allow this agreeable energy to help us go with the flow. 

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Freshen Up

We are swiftly approaching the Spring Equinox and want to encourage a fresh, blooming spring energy. We're burning one of our greenest floral scent blends, Kate • Bois de Rose & Ivy. Notes of fresh cut wildflowers, green ivy, sweet grass and rosewood swirl together to create an intoxicating warm spring breeze.


Step 2: Wash It Away

Honor Pisces' water element by taking a relaxing new moon bath. Play some of your favorite music, surround your tub with candles, add some essential oils and embrace the feeling of letting go. Let go of all of your stresses and focus on how soothing the water feels. Imagine that this bath is removing all of the obstacles that have been in your way. Allow your mind to think forward – what do you want to focus on in the future, what are you leaving behind? Leave your bath feeling cleansed, relaxed, and open to what is to come. 

Step 3: Dream It

Since Pisces rules sleep, try and get a good night's rest. New moons can typically drain your energy and this one is no exception. Allow this dip in energy to lull you into a restorative sleep. As you fall asleep, ask for the answers you seek. Keep a journal by your bedside and note any answers your dreams may have brought you. Not sure what your dreams mean? Write them down and see how things play out...they may be showing you something you have yet to experience. 


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