The Best Candles For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Candles For Your Zodiac Sign

best candle for your zodiac
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Scent preference is personal and is the result of both nature and nurture. Maybe you had a bad experience with a lemon and now you can't stand the smell. Maybe sweet candles make you run for the hills! Maybe even a soothing lavender note is anything but soothing to you. Our life experiences definitely color our scent preferences and make it difficult to assign a particular scent note to a zodiac sign.

We think the best way to recommend a scent to each zodiac sign is to link them to a scent's personality and the way the scent "performs". We've chosen three different candles that showcase an element of each star sign so there's something for each and every type of sign!

♈ Aries (March 20-April 19)

Element: Fire 🔥
Zodiac Symbol: Ram 🐏

Aries are born leaders with bold and vibrant personalities. They have a naturally competitive nature and are always on the race to be "first". Their scents should be equally intense and energetic with bold top notes as those are the ones first to hit the nose! 

Candle Recommendations: 

Dolly's effervescent top notes of grapefruit and juicy peach leave a quick but lasting impression sure to appeal to an Aries' vibrant nature. 

Tanya! packs a huge top note punch with zesty bergamot and lemon. A powerful note of green cypress leaves a lasting impression.

Sabrina sticks the landing with impressive top notes of lemongrass and blood orange. Add in a little patchouli and sandalwood and you've got a match made in the stars for an Aries with witchy vibes!

♉ Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Element: Earth 🌎
Zodiac Symbol: Bull 🐂

Taureans have a taste for the finer things in life. They are patient, reliable, honest and know a thing or two about self-care and sensuality. A scent fit for the Bull would exude warmth, coziness, sensuality and be utterly luxurious. 

Candle Recommendations: 

Cher is the ULTIMATE self-care candle with floral bubble bath vibes. Luxe notes of rosewater and jasmine cozy up with warm clove and amber.

Ava exudes sensuality with base notes of leather, warm spice and musk. Ripe, juicy stone fruits add a layer of decadence.

Morticia is a take on a classic rose and this earthy sign has a love of the classics...with a twist! Dewy rose petals keep this scent modern and a base of amber and musk add warmth that balances it perfectly. 

♊ Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Element: Air 💨
Zodiac Symbol: Twins 👯

Geminis are clever, imaginative and multifaceted. They are extroverted and highly spirited. The Gemini scents should be complex with dynamic scent blends that speak to their duality.

Candle Recommendations: 

Stevie represents a Gemini's dual nature perfectly. The juxtaposition of the bright, citrus-y neroli with earthy white sage is a Gemini dream.

Bette has a classic pairing of tart berries and soft, floral rose. This combo is a fragrance legend that never stops delivering. Twinning never smelled so good!

Tina has a complex scent blend that represents the entire scent spectrum for each side a of a Gemini's personality. Vanilla orchid, zesty mandarin, leather accord and sweet tonka bean showcase a multifaceted scent personality.

♋ Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Element: Water 🌊
Zodiac Symbol: Crab 🦀

The Crab is sensitive, caring and dependable. They are homebodies who crave comfort in their spaces. Their scents should be comforting, soothing and warm with a nod to the classics.

Candle Recommendations: 

Lena (inspired by Cancer legend Lena Horne!) is a classic blend of soothing lavender and chamomile. Soft herbal notes of thyme and rosemary are sure to soothe these sensitive souls.

Sade brings the spa like vibes with comforting notes of eucalyptus, ylang ylang and frankincense. Wrap yourself in a fluffy robe (aka the crab shell), sip some herbal tea and melt away into bliss!

Sarah (back this fall!) is a cozy delight with notes of fresh ginger, satsuma and clove – reminiscent of a fresh ginger cookie!

♌ Leo (July 23-August 22)

Element: Fire 🔥
Zodiac Symbol: Lion 🦁

Leos are confident, outgoing, creative and FUN! They enjoy luxury and classics but are still very playful. Their scents should emulate their outgoing nature with strong, bold, warm and luxe scent blends.

Candle Recommendations: 

Elise (named after Goldie Hawn's iconic character in First Wives Club!) packs a pretty punch that is sure to to leave a lasting impression. Decadent floral notes of violet, jasmine and mimosa are well matched with stone fruit and deep musks. 

Rosie! (back this fall!) this baklava inspired fave has notes of golden honey, toasted pistachio and Bulgarian rose that will have all of you guests calling you the hostess with the mostess. 

Sabrina (in the statuesque Tall Votive size!) packs an incense-inspired-punch that is perfect for that witchy Leo with all the crystals. If incense had a competition to see who is the most incense-y this one would win – hands down!

♍ Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Element: Earth 🌎
Zodiac Symbol: Maiden 🧝‍♀️

The Virgo's logical, practical and analytical nature makes this earth sign VERY grounded. They crave a scent that is super well balanced with a headiness that stimulated their analytical nature.

Candle Recommendations: 

Kate smells like wildflowers that have been freshly cut from the ground. It's a straightforward, greenhouse scent that offers no pretense, just a balanced green, floral blend with a little spicy something at the base to keep a Virgo's mind stimulated. 

Lena's calming, herbal blend is perfect for soothing a Virgo's analytical mind. Earthy notes of oakmoss and musk help to balance this scent and appeal to even the most discerning Virgo. 

Hermione is truly an earth sign's dream! Think of a luxurious, herbal campfire and you're transported to a crisp fall evening in New England. This kind of woodsy blend appeals to a Virgo's practical, grounded nature. 

♎ Libra (September 23-October 22)

Element: Air 💨
Zodiac Symbol: Scales ⚖️

Libras desire balance above all else. They are diplomatic, charming, compassionate and have an eye for the fancier side of things. Scents that are well balanced, romantic with a classic glamour approach appeal to these peacekeepers.

Candle Recommendations: 

Hedy's gorgeously perfumed floral blend is balanced with the most harmonious trio of neroli, tuberose and amber. Libra's have great taste in perfumes and this personal fragrance inspired blend would appeal to their classic/glam vibes.

Tina (especially in the gold adorned Tall Votive) brings that romantic flair that speaks to a Libra. This sensual scent has A LOT of different scent notes including bright citrus, floral vanilla orchid, spicy cinnamon and deep leather accord. All of these notes meld together in a perfect balance that would really tickle a Libra's fancy.

Cher (in the aesthetically pleasing Tall Votive) is perhaps the definition of a balancing act. She is simultaneously pretty and spicy with notes of jasmine and soft rose water and a buzzy base of clove and patchouli. This dichotomy really WERKS and appeals to the balance of the scales. 

♏ Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Element: Water 🌊
Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion 🦂

The Scorpio is dynamic, alluring, authentic and intense. They crave fragrances that match their intensity with bold scent notes, and a heady element with a touch of mystery.

Candle Recommendations: 

Vampira this fruit/floral blend is certainly alluring. Juicy notes of blood orange and plum muddled with rose, hemp and vetiver give this candle a very pretty but haunted vibe, perfect for a Scorpion!

Sabrina HAS to be on the list for Scorpio. This witchy and mysterious incense blend might be the best way capture a Scorpio's enigmatic vibe. 

Brenda is inspired by 90's powerhouse perfumes and really plays at Scorpio's sensual and alluring nature. Jasmine, rose and iris play beautifully together here and a drop of patchouli adds a touch of Scorpio spookiness. 

♐ Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Element: Fire 🔥
Zodiac Symbol: Archer 🏹

The Sagittarius is optimistic, adventurous and independent with a great sense of wanderlust. They crave scents that are transportive and memorable with a warm and positive energy.

Candle Recommendations: 

Donna! (back this fall) is a beachy DELIGHT with notes of sea salt, warm pink sand and white florals. A beach-loving Sag will be instantly transported to a Grecian seaside vacation. 

Willow is a soothing woodsy blend that brings the positive vibes with it. Add in a warm vanilla base and we have a candle fit for a witchy Sag fire queen!

Annie will one up a Sagittarius' wanderlust by time traveling all the way back to a 90's department store perfume counter. Sagittariuses have excellent taste in personal fragrances and Annie's pretty floral blend (with just a hint of sea salt, for balance) will hit the nail on the head! 

♑ Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Element: Earth 🌎
Zodiac Symbol: Seagoat 🐐

The Capricorn is responsible, ambitious, and reliable with a calm but strong energy. Their scent should be earthy, classic and leave an impression (with a sensual twist). 

Candle Recommendations: 

Stevie's unique scent is really a blend of the classics. Neroli and violet are often found in fan favorite perfumes. The earthy white sage adds an earthy, soothing vibe that speaks to a Cap's calm but strong energy. 

Dreamy Claudette is a powerful floral blend that leaves a lasting impression and has you longing for more. It has a sensual edge with dreamy notes of lily of the valley and heady jasmine.

Billie (back this fall) is the earthy/woodsy blend with a holiday-season edge (as its namesake suggests). Imagine a toasted marshmallow with plenty of woodsy/smoky notes to keep it grounded, practical and elevated.

♒ Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Element: Air 💨
Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer 🏺

The Water Bearer is a unique, inventive, deep thinker with a friendly attitude. A scent that is fresh and soothing, with some hints of sweet will suit them well. 

Candle Recommendations: 

Enya is an incredibly refreshing lime/mint blend. Imagine standing on an Irish mountainside with a cleansing breeze. Enya really keeps the air smelling fresh and soothing which this Air sign would love.

Audrey is a flower shop style floral with crisp clean notes of peony and pink sea salt. Notes of jasmine and white musk add just a touch of subtle sweetness. This is a great upbeat candle for these deep thinkers.

Donna! has a free-spirited, beach-breezy energy that could really help to soothe an Aquarius' tired mind. After spending all day inventing and pondering the meaning of life, this seaside delight will put this Water Bearer right at ease.

♓ Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Element: Water 🌊
Zodiac Symbol: Fish 🐟

This sensitive Fish is perceptive, innovative, creative and compassionate. Their scent should be dreamy, romantic, sweet and inviting.

Candle Recommendations: 

Greta is a perfectly balanced sweet blend that ticks all the boxes for a Pisces. Dreamy vanilla bean with smoky bourbon are an inviting duo with a base of warm woods and musk for little romantic flair.

Elvira is a sophisticated take on a classic apple fragrance (Pisces tend to LOVE apple notes!) that is sure to appeal to this sensitive soul. The nostalgic fall vibes coupled with the sophisticated base of leather and hemp speak to their creative sides.

Kate's notes of sweet grass and green ivy bring on vibes of a freshly mowed lawn. This sentimental sign is transported to summer vacation as a child, without a care in the world. This cerebral sign would do well with a little vacation in a jar (complete with a good book). 

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