The Best Spooky Season Movies

The Best Spooky Season Movies

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It may still be 80 degrees outside, but that can't stop the Spooky Season train from coming, full speed, into the station. To help welcome in the best-season-of-all-seasons, we've put together the quintessential list of Spooky Season movies and their candle pairings. Eerie films and candles are truly soul mates and should always be enjoyed together.

We asked the Candle Coven for their favorite autumnal moving pictures and have put together a list of the most popular choices. The following are films that help thin the veil between the realms and, somehow, make the leaves turn even quicker. Without further ado, let's get scared!

1. The VVitch


We simply cannot even CONSIDER Spooky Season without a rewatch of this 2015 INSTANT classic. Director Robert Eggers' dedication to authenticity makes this film even scarier. Set in the 1630's, a Puritan family encounters an evil in the woods near their New England farm. Eggers insisted everything be authentic to the period, including building the sets with materials and techniques from the time. He also only shot the film using natural lighting and candles. 10000/10 MUST SEE!

Candle Pairing: Watch this movie with our Hermione • Cedar & Thyme Candle to bring scent notes of a spooky New England campfire to life!


2. Practical Magic

It's no surprise to see the Owens sisters on this list. Kidman, Bullock, Channing and Wiest? How do we join this powerhouse coven!? This cult classic takes place in (you guessed it) New England and is centered on the lives of witch sisters Sally and Gillian Owens. There's a very fun montage involves copious margaritas set to Harry Nilsson's hit tune "Coconut". They also bring someone back from the dead, but ultimately, this is a family film. We think this is worth SEVERAL watches (year round tbh.)

Candle Pairing: Sally Owens owns a botanical shop filled with herbal soaps and lotions. Our Enya • Wild Mint & Lime Candle brings the spa-like, witchy vibes needed to really set the scene.  


3. Hocus Pocus

We're still in Massachusetts, but this time we are in the HEART (or haahhht, for my fellow Ma$$holes!) of witchtown aka Salem. This gem was heavily recommended by the Candle Coven and we cannot agree more. Is this a kid's film? Yes. Is this an adult's film? Yes. Is this a film for a reanimated corpse named Billy? Also, yes. You simply cannot even consider yourself ready for Halloween until you've watched Hocus Pocus. Fun Fact: The actor who played Billy Butcherson had REAL moths in his mouth! Give this film an Oscar for authenticity!

Candle Pairing: Elvira • Poison Apple is giving us the New England haunted apple picking vibes needed for this witchy film.  

4. The Addams Family

The family that lives the spooky lifestyle all year round absolutely MUST make an appearance on this list. The real joy here is twin flames Morticia and Gomez Addams showing us all what it truly means to be "couple goals." Honorable mention to the sequel, Addams Family Values, which may even be the superior watch (we're talking about Joan Cusack as the iconic Debbie Jellinsky). Either way, both films are required viewing for the harvest season. 

Candle Pairing: Morticia's namesake, Morticia • Black Rose & Thorns is the obvious pairing here. Notes of rose stems and undying love really deliver creepy and kooky. 


5. The Witches

This movie scared the crap out of us as kids and honestly still does. Anjelica Huston (our girl MORTISH!) delivers one of her best performances as The Grand High Witch. For us, it's really all about THIS moment:


Candle Pairing: Sabrina • Patchouli & Bergamot is the perfect incense blend for keeping these nasty witches off your scent! 


6. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Not only does this movie get us jazzed for All Hallow's Eve, we're also getting our early Xmas game going. Fun Fact: Sally's voice is played by our beloved Catherine O'Hara (Beetlejuice, Shitt's Creek, HOME ALONE...what a QUEEN!)

Candle Pairing: We're going cozy on this one...something that works for both Halloween AND Christmas. Snuggle up with our Greta • Bourbon & Vanilla Candle.

7. Scream

There are SO many good slasher films out there, but this one had the most mentions and we have to agree! Director Wes Craven knows how to deliver the perfect balance of horror and camp which really helps to cut the tension during those VERY scary moments. With so many references to classic horror films, this masterpiece really is a love letter to slasher films of the past. 

Candle Pairing: Our Willow • Palo Santo Candle has the calming vibes needed to get through some of the more suspenseful parts of this 90's classic.  

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you haven't gone to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show during Spoops'o'clock, then you haven't LIVED. This campy cult fave has everything – a sexy mad scientist, a sexy creature, sexy singing, sexy dancing, sexy aliens and also, sexy sex. Dress up and do the Time Warp (again!).

Also, we must mention this fabulous cape moment, for continuity purposes: 


Candle Pairing: Something sexy and mysterious will fit the bill. Our Vampira • Deadly Nightshade Candle is equal parts sensual and spooky with notes of poison berries and smoky cocktails.

9. The Craft

The Candle Coven simply does not do Spooky Season without mention of The Craft. Teenage girls + the occult = the limit does not exist! This is just basic high school math here, and we can't argue with the numbers. Bonus: The wardrobe in this movie is fully back in style and we cannot wait to Craft it up in some Doctor Martens this fall. 

Candle Pairing: Watch with the Coven Tall Votive Set to remind everyone that we ARE the weirdos, mister. 

10. Halloweentown


We all have to start somewhere and for many of us Halloweentown really pushed us to the dark side. Halloweentown is the training wheels for spookier spookies, and for this we give thanks. Yes, Marnie is a little annoying but wouldn't you be if your mother lied to you about being a witch your whole life? This movie is also a great palate cleanser after watching something truly horrifying.

Candle Pairing: Watch this throwback with our Lena • Lavender & Chamomile Candle for the ultimate comfort watch. 

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