The Best New Shows for Spooky Season

The Best New Shows for Spooky Season

Midnight Mass
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The leaves, they are a-changing! And you know what that means...time to grab some punkin' flavored whatevers, light some Bijou Candles, cement yourself to the couch, glue those eyeballs to the television and stream baby! 

We watched hundreds (thousands?) of hours of new(ish) streaming TV so we could tell you what's worth your precious time. Here are our picks for the best shows to stream during Spooky Season!

1. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass on Netflix

Wowowow off to a GREAT start. From the guy who brought us The Haunting of Various Houses on Netflix comes this absolute banger of a limited series about a mysterious new priest who arrives on a remote island community off the coast of what looks like Maine. While it might take a moment for the action to pick up, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat for all 7 episodes. Who is this priest? Why is he so creepy yet charming? How does his mouth make so many sounds? How do these people get groceries? Is this a cult? These were the questions ravaging my brain throughout the entire series. But fear not, there are no ends left loose and the ending is extremely satisfying (and will also make you very contemplative). You know a show is good if you keep thinking about it days later, and let me tell you, I can't get it off my mind!

Candle Pairing: For those haunted church incense vibes, watch with the Sabrina • Patchouli & Bergamot Tall Votive Candle.

2. Clickbait

Clickbait on Netflix

This show falls into a new category of spooky that gets me VERY excited: internet thriller. Like the name implies, this show centers on the disappearance of Adrian Grenier (the GROUNDBREAKING Vince from Entourage, remember that show?) and a video that gets posted online showing him being held hostage with cryptic signs saying things like "at 5 million views I die" (see above). It's fast paced, there's the internet, there's text conversation graphics floating above phones, it's The Net (1995 Sandra Bullock) but for TODAY. Who took Adrien Grenier? Did he do the things he's accused of??! Will the adults figure out cell phones??? And again, this one's a limited series that ends nicely wrapped with a bow. 

Candle Pairing: You're going to want something ZESTY to go along with this fast paced whodunit! Check out our Poly • Sour Candy Votive Candle with its bubbly raspberry lemonade notes.

3. Only Murders In The Building

Only Murders in the Building on Hulu

I mean just look at that cast! The reunion of George Banks and Franck Eggelhoffer with some Wizards of Waverly Place thrown in?? Sign me up! No but for real, the Steve Martin/Martin Short of it all, is that this show SLAPS. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle and cash. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez all live in the same incredible UWS building where a murder occurs, prompting the trio to start a podcast where they investigate the crime. It's charming, it's funny, and it's somehow also kind of scary! This one's still running, so we don't even know how it ends yet!

Candle Pairing: Greta • Bourbon & Vanilla delivers the classic autumn mystery vibes needed to solve this one! Think a glass of bourbon while contemplating by the fireplace. 

4. American Horror Stories

American Horror Stories on Hulu

I know I know this one's pretty obvious, but I must say I enjoyed these episodes of American Horror Story more than most. This specific season consists of 7 stand-alone episodes that tie into the greater AHS universe. It's perfect for those that already love all AHSs AND for anyone who just wants a spooky hour-long mini movie. You get all the fun Ryan Murphy-isms and it's just so fun to see all the AHS players return for a breath of fresh!

Candle Pairing: Watch with the Siouxsie • Cherry Bomb Votive Candle for a scent that is a little bit campy and a little bit spooky! Dark cherry and blond woods give this candle an irresistible edge. 

5. American Horror Story: Double Feature

American Horror Story: Double Feature

Ok, with all that being said, the current season of AHS has really surpassed my expectations. While I have enjoyed the other seasons for the most part, I do tend to lose interest towards the middle of the season (hot take, I'm sorry!). But this season, like the name says, is a double feature! Problem solved! The first half of the season is the story about a struggling screenwriter who moves "down'tha" Cape with his wife and daughter for the winter (already terrifying). He finds himself at the sleepy neighborhood bar where the mysterious locals entice him with prospects of success and fame...but at what cost????? I must say I truly enjoyed this season so far. It's campy, it's spooky, and Macaulay Culkin's in it! 

Candle Pairing: Our Elvira • Poison Apple Votive Candle fits the bill in more ways than one. Think blood red apples, think New England orchards in the fall...think...poison! 

6. Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man

This show's based on a comic book of the same name where an "event" occurs that kills all living things with a Y chromosome... and if you're anything like me, you're already thinking this is a WILD premise. SOLD. But this show takes it to the next level and successfully points out that not all people with Y chromosomes are men, and not all people without a Y chromosome are women. And beyond that, it makes you grapple with the thought of ALL LIVING THINGS with a Y chromosome suddenly becoming extinct. But there's a catch! ONE cis man (and his male monkey) survives, and we have no idea why, and he happens to be the NEW president's son. Oh yeah, and the president is DIANE LANE I LOVE HER! We all love dystopian dramas, but this one takes it to the next level and challenges any notions one might have about sex, gender and people's roles in a collapsed society.

Candle Pairing: We're breaking out the entire First Wives Collection for this one. Inspired by powerhouse fragrances of the 90s, these bitchin' babes would truly relish a world where Diane Lane is president.

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