The Libra New Moon Ritual

The Libra New Moon Ritual

This October new moon falls in Libra and might just be the reset we have been waiting for. With Mercury in retrograde affecting communication and relationships, it's no surprise that the theme of this new moon is, indeed, relationships. From personal to professional and, especially the relationship you have with yourself, this moon will urge us to find the love.

Libra is all about balance and equality, so this is a great opportunity to take a look at our relationships and rebalance. Make sure to use clear and honest communication during this time. With Mercury in retrograde, things can sometimes get lost in translation, so focus on being as straightforward as possible. 

This particular new moon is the perfect opportunity to set intentions and goals as it falls while SIX planets are retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). While these placements can sometimes cause chaos, this is also the best time to pave the way for the rest of the year. Use this ritual as a reset to get yourself on the pathway to your desires. 

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Relax

Set the scene for a relaxed and open environment. Light some candles that promote balance and clarity. We're using The Mystics Votive Set for this as the scent notes of wild mint, rosewood and eucalyptus swirl together for a soothing yet focused energy. 

Step 2: Reflect

Once you've settled into your relaxed space, take out a notebook and write down everything that feels unbalanced in your relationships. This can be your relationship with yourself, with your friends and family, a loved one, or even a professional relationship. You don't need to focus on how to address these imbalances right now, just write out what isn't currently clicking into place. 

Step 3: Reset

New moons signify the start of a new chapter. Turn to a fresh page in your notebook, and after considering your list of imbalances, write down your goals going forward and how you will achieve them in a healthy, balanced manner.

Maybe you spend too much time working, make a goal to keep work within business hours and achieve this by setting up boundaries (i.e. don't check your work emails on weeknights and weekends). Maybe your partner feels like you need more quality time together. You can actually set these goals with your partner, write out a list of things you want to do together, and take it a step further by scheduling activities in your calendar. 

By using this time to actively reset your path, you have a greater chance of manifesting your goals. 

Once done, use a wick dipper or snuffer to extinguish your candles. Never blow out your candles after a ritual, as this can signify "blowing" everything you just manifested away. 

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