The Scorpio New Moon Ritual

The Scorpio New Moon Ritual

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Tonight's Scorpio new moon arrives with all of the watery intuition you would expect from this magical sign. Arriving just after Halloween, this new moon is also know as the "Lunar Samhain." The veil is still thin, making this the perfect time to set new intentions and double down on previous goals. 

Take this time to look inward and discover your "shadow self". This means focusing on your inner truth and using that to strengthen your intuition, gain some clarity, and make some major realizations. 

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Set The Mood

We want to create a calm, grounded atmosphere in case some intense feelings bubble up. Connecting to your innermost self can sometimes bring out some hidden emotions. Keep yourself feeling soothed and safe with our newest incense scented candle (complete with notes of earthy patchouli), Piper • Crystal Incense.


Step 2: Meditate

Dress comfortably (we recommend wearing black, Scorpio's signature color) and find a cozy spot to relax. During this meditation, you are seeking your innermost truth. What is it that you really want to achieve? What is really standing in the way?

Allow Scorpio's intuitive energy to help answer these questions. Make peace with your shadow self. Picture yourself embracing your shadow self. Typically we hold all of our most taboo and painful emotions there. It's never good to keep things buried because they can take root. Take this time to acknowledge your true feelings and unburden your inner self. 

Step 3: Journal

Armed with these new discoveries, open up to a new page in a notebook or journal and write them down. Allow what lies in your innermost shadows to take control of the pen. This is symbolic of letting those buried emotions see the light. 

Now turn to a new page and write down your goals. Imagine that you are writing a new chapter of your book. You can now manifest from a place of true honesty. You will be able to gain more clarity on what is actually standing in your way and then make necessary changes.

Once this is completed, extinguish your candle with a wick dipper or snuffer. We never want to "blow" out our intentions.


 Happy New Moon, Candle Coven!

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