Full Moon In Aries Ritual

Full Moon In Aries Ritual

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Full moons help to reveal our true selves. They shine a light on parts of our inner selves we may usually keep hidden and help us become aligned with our purpose. Full moons represent the end of a cycle, yet this full moon arrives in Aries – the beginning of the zodiac chart. This dichotomy of beginning and ending can sometimes lead to impulsive or destructive action - especially in the energizing fire sign of Aries. We must use this fiery energy to release anything standing in the way of us manifesting the life goals we want long term.

Our Full Moon Ritual

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

The fire in Aries can make us feel angry and frustrated, this is a terrible feeling to keep inside, so we need to get it out and prepare our space to receive lots of pent up energy. 

We're breaking out our Sabrina • Patchouli & Bergamot to handle this. Patchouli is an excellent aid in rituals where you are seeking spiritual enlightenment. It is very connected to the earth element which will be very helpful in grounding us while we work through fiery emotions. Patchouli is also great for attracting love and prosperity.

Step 2: Write It Out

Write out everything that is standing it your way – all of your frustrations, things that anger you or are keeping you up at night. Dig deep, the full moon is here to illuminate all of these things that are stressing us out. This can be emotional, allow the emotions to bubble up to the surface. 


Step 3: Release

This is going to be a HUGE emotional release. This can look different depending on what feels good to you. Maybe you need to hop in the shower and have a good cry, maybe you need to sing or dance it out, or maybe you need to yell. Seriously, if you need to scream, scream (if neighbors are a concern, grab a pillow and yell away). You might even want to do a combination of all of those things. Visualize what you wrote down and use your fire energy to GET. IT. OUT. 

The energy in the room is going to feel heavy when you're finished with this. Not to worry, our fire sign Aries loves candles and we do too. Grab a cleansing candle like Willow • Palo Santo or Stevie • White Sage & Neroli to help clear out the room. 

Spend the rest of your evening relaxing and get a good night sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and focused. 

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