What We Watched 2/26 📼

What We Watched 2/26 📼

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Not sure what to watch? He're our weekly recap of what we streamed! PLUS whitch Bijou Candle we burned while watching!

1. Jenny Slate: Seasoned Professional on Prime

I feel like I always underestimate how much I like Jenny Slate. Who am I kidding, I’ve pretty much loved every movie she has any involvement in (we shant sleep on Obvious Child). There’s just something about her (sandwiches)! Seriously, I guess if I’m really being honest with myself, my favorite kind of people are lady millennials from Massachusetts, so of course I love Jenny Slate. I absolutely loved her last stand up special, “Stage Fright,” from 2019. Remember she showed her childhood Massachusetts home? I love Massachusetts. I feel like people often fantasize about living in the big city or abroad - I always fantasized about living in MASSACHUSETTS haha. And do you know why? HOCUS FRIGGIN POCUS. I knew it was my destiny to be in the sixth-smallest state by land area, frolicking amongst witch sisters and Vinessa Shaw. Anyway so Jenny Slate’s new special, “Seasoned Professional,” somehow exceeded expectations. Slate has always been so funny, but I dunno I think having a kid during lock down made her even more of a silly goose. There were parts of this special where I legit had to pause for laughter, and I’m ngl, I’m a tough crowd. Like tears streaming down my face cry laughing. Thank you so much for that, Jenny Slate. HIGHLY recommend this one! 

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Sabrina • Patchouli & Bergamot Candle

2. One Day on Netflix

OY YOY YOY! To be completely honest, I only half watched this show, which is all it required. What can I say here without giving away spoilers…hmmmmm……ummmmmm……just……ugghhhhh, ya know??? This was a book that the writer, David Nicholls, first adapted into a 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway and that guy from that Beatles movie. For some reason David didn’t think that was enough, and decided to make a 14 episode Netflix mini-series out of it too. What is it David?? Anne Hathaway not good enough for you??? SHE HAS AN OSCAR DAVID. I really wish he would’ve stopped there, because then I wouldn't have wasted most of my Saturday watching this boring a$$ show. I know some people like it, but I think it’s because it’s in the 90s? Is it the music? The music was decent, but like good 90s music is such low hanging fruit. And is it me or are these current attempts to recreate the 90s for screen just miserably off the mark? Like, no, not a single one of us had a haircut in the 90s that would pass today. Meanwhile these actors are walking around with like perfectly done hair and makeup. This show was a chore for me to watch, and then the ending just absolutely obliterated any chance I had at maybe enjoying it in the end. I said to Jocelyn, this movie was like having a reasonably pleasant conversation with a stranger, then them kicking you in the stomach and leaving.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Romy & Michele Candle Set


3. Jumanji on Hulu

WHY NOT watch Jumanji amirite??? NGL, I was so overwhelmed with annoyance after watching One Day, that I needed my beloved Kirsten Dunst to bring me back to life. Also Robin Williams. Also Bebe Neuwirth. Also Bonnie Hunt (although I know from a trusted source that she is NOT VERY NICE). We hadn’t watched this 1995 classic since the 90s really, when I pretty much wore the tape out. Of course I remember it being so much more epic and scary than it actually is. The CGI is very 90s, but I love it. It’s just a blast, and the pacing of it is just 90s perfection. Like the plot just moves along, each turn bringing another jungle thing to be dealt with (omg remember the spiders). I think there is a lot more thinking to be done about the breaking of space time and time travel propositions, but I need a second I’m still annoyed about One Day.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Elvira • Poisoned Apple Candle


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