What We Watched 4/1 📼

What We Watched 4/1 📼

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Not sure what to watch? He're our weekly recap of what we streamed! PLUS whitch Bijou Candle we burned while watching!

1. Airline UK on Youtube

When I tell you I owe my entire wellbeing to my sister-in-law Jessica (aka Jebby) for introducing us to this absolute gem of a show. There are a select handful of very specific shows that can pull me out of the depths of whatever anxiety/depression spiral I happen to be in - Rupaul’s Drag Race, Emily in Paris, the newly minted Younger, and now, AIRLINE. Running from 1998-2007, Airline is a UK reality show that follows the daily happenings of airline workers on the ground and in the air. Series 1 gave us a behind the scenes look at Britannia Airlines (in 1997 no less!), and also the superstar flight attendant BJ who gives the deadliest reads so subtly that people don’t even know it’s happening. The rest of the seasons follow budget airline EasyJet, whose employees should all receive a Nobel Peace Prize for the kinds of customers they have to endure. I don’t know what it is about airports but they truly do bring out the absolute worst in people. It’s like the moment someone steps into an airport their lizard brain completely takes over and NOTHING could POSSIBLY be their fault and they themselves are the only person that exists. That’s why it’s so good to travel with someone before getting serious - you HAVE TO see what kind of person they really are, and only an airport can show you. You could be hanging out with someone who seems so chill and reasonable, but when they get challenged about forgetting THEIR OWN PASSPORT or being OVER AN HOUR LATE FOR BOARDING (these are things that regularly happen on Airline that people will legit pop off the handle about), do they immediately lose their mind and blame the gate agent?? This is legitimately how people behave on this show (and IRL) and it’s so entertaining for some reason! The iron will of these airline agents is remarkable! Their ability to stand their ground and not give an inch to these unruly customers is honestly an inspiration. And all of this in gorgeous gorgeous Scouse accents?? This show couldn’t be better! THANK YOU JEBBICA!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Romy • French Vanilla Fantasy Candle

2. Mayday on Hulu

I’m always so ambivalent about whether or not I should share the things we watched that were just so middle of the road that I don’t even know what to say about it. But I guess, at the end of the day, this IS what we watched, so I may as well just tell you either way. So yeah, we watched this movie from 2021 pretty much only because Mia Goth is in it. We absolutely love Mia Goth. And tbh, I wasn’t even a huge fan of hers because of the Shia The Beef of it all, so I kind of just avoided the two of them all together. That became pretty difficult in the last few years when Ti West decided to muse-ify her. And honestly thank god he did because, like Pearl insists, she IS a star! She completely won me over in Infinity Pool where she just annoyingly screams “JAMES” the entire time. It was then that I realized what Mia Goth is (CAMP), and I absolutely love it. And she is great in this movie too! But for me, that was about it. Otherwise this movie pretty much lost me half way through, except for the one scene where Mia Goth screams at the main girl Ana. But yeah, not worth the watch!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Britney • Sparkling Lemonade Candle


3. Life After Beth on Max

I’m kinda surprised that we hadn’t seen this movie before, but i think we got confused and thought it was the movie with Elizabeth Olsen (Ingrid Goes West), which we have seen! We finally realized that it was a totally different movie and decided to watch it since we very much enjoy fellow Cancer weirdo, Aubrey Plaza. The cast in this movie is phenomenal - honestly any time I see Molly Shannon in anything, I call the cast phenomenal. John C. Riley is also in it! Sweet Berry Wine! Dean Dehaan plays the lead, and I think he may be the record holder of fastest twink death ever recorded. Anyway, I thought this movie was pretty funny. It’s definitely kind of a dream role for Aubrey plaza because she gets to act absolutely disgusting and it’s very funny. I think it could’ve ended way sooner than it did - even though I found it entertaining, the movie kind of lost me towards the end. Just wrap it up guys! You have a good thing going! That’s my main note for these movies - end it on a high note, don’t drag it out!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Siouxsie • Cherry Bomb Candle


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