70s Icons
Tall Votive Set

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Tall Votive Candles - 70s Icons
Tall Votive Candles - 70s Icons

Experience the harmony with this iconic trio. Each set includes Tall Votive Candles of Cher, Dolly and Stevie.
Stevie • White Sage & Neroli
Rock on, gold dust woman. Earthy white sage and sweet neroli finished with a chord of jasmine, violet, and musk. 

Dolly • Peach & Lily
I-I-I will always love you. Juicy peach, lily of the valley and (steel) magnolias combined with ginger, cardamom and a hint of tangy grapefruit. 

Cher • Jasmine & Rosewater
Dark lady...her brew was done. Fresh rosewater and floral jasmine rest on a sensual ensemble of clove, amber and patchouli.

  • 140-hour burn time
  • 14 ounces
  • 100% soy wax
  • Cotton wick
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Tall Votive Candles - 70s Icons
Tall Votive Candles - 70s Icons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Ty Riley

These candles are absolutely beautiful!

Megan Stephens
Love Love Love

I have no complaints about any of the candles or sets that Bijou pits out. They’re always amazing quality, have great scents that fill the room, and incredibly pleasing to the eye. I cannot recommend Bijou enough!

Matthew S
More more more!

A truly delightful collection of beguiling scents. All three are wonderful but my favorite is Cher. Rose is a tough scent to get right but our friends at Bijou totally captured the rose’s soft, warm richness without the cloying floral notes found in other brands. Every candle was packaged so thoughtfully too. I’m so happy to be part of the Bijou coven!!

Alexis W
Ohhhhhhhh my god 😍

First of all, the selection of icons and the overall aesthetic of this set is absolutely unparalleled. Each of the scents is so unique and I get the Cher, Dolly, and Stevie vibes from each. I think Cher is my favorite of the three, but all of them smell great. The scents aren’t overpowering at all, in fact I wish they were just a tiny bit stronger, but that may be due to the size of the room I’m burning them in. They seem to be long-burning for sure, haven’t gone near the 140 hours yet and still have a lot of candle left to go. So so glad I picked these up!

Shelby Watterson
My favorite candles EVER!!

I have a bijou candle in every room! They’re my favorite.