Candle Care Kit

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Extras - Candle Care Kit

Keep your candles burning clean and bright with this Candle Care Kit, featuring a wick trimmer, wick dipper, and candle snuffer in chic matte black stainless steel.

Check out our Candle Care Kit Tutorial here

  • Black stainless steel
  • 1 wick trimmer
  • 1 wick dipper
  • 1 candle snuffer
Extras - Candle Care Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Best smells ever

My favorite candles. I need one of each or maybe two. Smell delightful, and make the perfect gifts

Candle Care Kit ✨

I absolutely love this kit! I care a lot about my candles and I love how easy the kit makes it so that they can last a long time!

Never even knew I needed it until Bijou!

This is the cutest and ultimate candle care kit! Price is good and the quality is great! My kids have been learning to help with caring and putting out the candles because the tools look so neat. Sleek black design and heavy (great quality) to me. Makes me feel real fancy when I take care of my candles with these tools. My favorite is the wick trimmer.

Candle Pampering!

I’ve always wanted a candle snuffer. My witchy friends advise me that blowing out candles sends their magic away. Luckily this kit includes a snuffer and all the tools I need for the best care of my lit lil’ babies. I love it! 🕯

Great set

These are quality candle care items that I know I will use for many years to come! I don't find myself using the wick dipper very often, but the wick trimmer and snuffer are used daily in my house.