Practical Magic Candle Set
Practical Magic Candle Set
Practical Magic Candle Set

Practical Magic Candle Set

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There’s a little witch in all of us, that’s how we know you’re going to adore our Practical Magic inspired candle set. These scents will whisk you away to a world of vintage leather books, supernatural greenery, and love spells. It’s impossible not to fall for these long lasting soy wax candles just like you fell for the Owens sisters.

Sally • Magic Greenhouse

Fresh eucalyptus and soothing lavender waft through sun dappled leaves. A warming brew of cardamom and vanilla seemingly stirs itself. Petals of lily, leaves of fig, and a cozy cashmere hug - a true love spell.

Gillian • Book of Shadows

Pressed flowers and papyrus bound together in sweet and spicy vintage leather. Each page perfumed with magic – patchouli, jasmine, and warm amber. The wood stove crackles, an enchanting brew bubbles, and a black cat curls up at your feet.


Each set includes 10oz candles of Sally and Gillian.

Customer Reviews

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There’s a little which in all of us.

These candles whisper white magic. They are power in scent but not in the same lingering way the Coven Set is.
Sally is great for the kitchen with its fresh eucalyptus and Gillian is a great addition to the bedroom if you are looking for a lighter version of the traditional warm notes (patchouli, jasmine, amber, leather).
These candles make me want to dance naked under the full moon and embrace my inner witch.

The title was perfect - it alerted us to the availability of these candles!

Love the candles - could not be happier!

Alexis Benjamin
the best!!

these are my favorite candle scents ive ever purchased! i just bought a backup set because ive been burning them like crazy. my husband, who us very sensitive to smells loves them, which is also a win!


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