The Charmed Candle Set
The Charmed Candle Set
The Charmed Candle Set

The Charmed Candle Set

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Fill your space with the Power of Three! Inspired by Prue, Piper, and Phoebe, our three scents are strong enough to enjoy alone but work together in collaboration just like the Halliwell sisters.

Prue • Amber Aura

Citrus, release your ancient powers
Ylang ylang, jasmine, and orchid flowers
Crystalline salt of air, sand, and sea
Amber and patchouli will set us free

Piper • Crystal Incense

Orange blossom and jasmine rise
Sweet amber and saffron fill the skies
Oakmoss and cedar intertwined
All that you seek, you shall find

Phoebe • Smoky Quartz

Chestnut and embers, a witch's fire
Clove and anise invoke desire
Coriander and musk from powers above
A spark within that turns to love

    Each set includes 10oz Candles of Prue, Piper and Phoebe.

    Customer Reviews

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    Fabulous all around

    I bought the Charmed Candle set recently.
    It's absolutely amazing, both packaging and scent!
    I chose to gift Phoebe to a friend who adores Smoky Quartz crystals. It's pretty interesting because they LOVE the smoky quartz stone, yes, but also earthy, citrus scents, so he's getting it for his birthday tomorrow! It was a match made in heaven haha
    Piper, I gifted to my fiancée. He feel in love with the Crystal Incense scent right away. It truly makes my heart happy seeing how much joy he is getting from it. As for Prue. I decided she will be the household candle. She smells exactly how I'd like my dream home to smell. She seems like a lovely every day scent. I have yet to test Prue out, but she is in my living room, waiting hehe. This trio is stunning. I recommend this set to pretty much anyone, especially if you like the energy of crystals and calming, earthy scents xx


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