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The Festive Faves

Special Edition Candle Set

Bring on the merriment with these jingle belles. Each set includes Classic Candles of Judy, Ingrid and Lucille.

Judy • Cornbread & Maple Butter 
This delicious family recipe can remain a secret no longer. Golden corn, almond flour, and a dash of orange essence are baked to perfection. Once slathered in dark amber maple syrup and sweet cream butter, this decadent combination is so perfectly mouthwatering, you'll be tempted to taste it.

Ingrid • Pine & Balsam
Crisp frosted cedarwood and fir needle balsam are made merry and bright with sweet apple, orange bitters, and elderberry. A touch of refreshing spearmint and a base of warm smoky woods make this the ultimate nostalgic walk in a winter wonderland.

Lucille • Spiced Orange
Sweet orange and mandarin peel are matched with tart cranberry and green apple. A warm bed of vanilla bean, nutmeg and cinnamon adds the perfect amount of spice to this festive blend.

  • 65-hour burn time
  • 9.7 ounces, 3.25" L x 3.25" W x 3.4" H
  • 100% soy wax, cotton wick
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Non-toxic & clean burning
  • Made in the USA
Classic Candles - The Festive Faves
Classic Candles - The Festive Faves

The Benefits of Bijou

Perfectly Blended Scents

With our carefully curated fragrances, you'll notice different scent elements floating in to give you a well-rounded aromatic experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
All A Delight

Fragrance is subjective, but quality isn’t. The reason I continue to support and shop at Bijou (besides the delicious pop content), is the amazing throw (think of it like scent distance) all the products have. I put these in a cabinet to wait in line for when my latest Bijou candle burns out…let me tell you the scent permeated the whole room UNLIT. Some candles I can’t smell 2’ from them when they’ve been burning evenly for a while, never the case with these! Now, onto the subjective nature of fragrance. As a former soap maker my olfactory sense is hyper tuned and I love the layered notes in their collections. For the festive faves Lucille burns clean and spicy, it’s comforting… honestly I don’t like orange or spice candles and this one has been a repeat purchase because it’s just perfectly refreshing meets cozy. I almost venture to say if you love Stevie, you’ll enjoy this complex note. Ingrid is my standby favorite - I pine for pine. Hard to be objective there. Lastly, the power of Judy…I was intrigued by this but wasn’t sure what I was in for. It’s a total showstopper. Complex, heady, it’s bakery-esque but not cloyingly sweet. Consider the festive faves synonymous with warmth.

Great Scents

I bought these off-season, so I haven't burnt them yet but the scent of each is so strong it comes through the box in the most pleasant way. The Orange Spice smells divine and Balsam Pine is always a favorite cozy scent so I can't wait to burn that one. I'm exited to try the Maple Butter and Cornbread, too - such a unique scent! Ya'll got me excited for winter weather to light up these cozy scents... and we're just getting into spring!

They All Smell Wonderful

I have yet to light Lucille (Spiced Orange) or Ingrid (Pine and Balsam), but even without lighting them, my room is incredibly fragrant. It smells like Christmas aka my favorite holiday scent profile. I'm obsessed with Judy (Cornbread and Maple Butter). Again, even when it's not lit, my office smells absolutely delicious. If you're on the fence, treat yourself! They're so worth it.

Sara H
Delicious!! & gorgeous!

I purchased these in advance for next holiday season, so have yet to burn them, but they smell amazing!!! I cannot wait. Maybe I won’t! I’ve been wanting these for years, but they are always sold out when I go to buy them so I purchased them out of season. The jars are also so so pretty!

Lauren Dunn
Best candles ever

The candles never disappoint! The quality is amazing, scents are incredible, and shipping is so fast. These are the best candles ever.

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