The Halloween Full Moon

The Halloween Full Moon

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This Halloween's Blue Full Moon moon is very rare. A blue moon happens when two full moons occur in the same month and only happens every few years. Having two full moons this month indicates that we are meant to go through a huge process of release. Earlier this month, the Aries full moon urged us to use its fiery energy to release anything standing in the way of us manifesting the life goals we want long term. 

This full moon is even more remarkable, as we last experienced a full moon on Halloween 19 years ago and won't experience another one until 2039. This special full moon arriving on the spookiest day of the year (when the veil is it's thinnest!) is bound to bring with it some very unique energy. 

This full moon arrives in Taurus and is a micromoon, meaning it is further away from Earth than usual. Micromoons are meant to mess with our moods and can make it even more difficult for us to release during the completion of this cycle. This means that things we may feel we are ready to let go of might not be ready to let go of us. This might sound scary, but what it really means is that we still have a bit more work to do. As the next full moon in November is an eclipse (a powerful moon for full releasing!), this is a pretty strong indication that we may have to work through things until then to fully say goodbye to things standing in our way. 

We may feel very emotional, confused, and unsure during this full moon. Thankfully Taurus' earth energy will help us to stay grounded and give us the stability to focus on our manifestations, keep our eyes on our goals, and continue the work until we can fully release next month. 

Our Full Moon Ritual

Step 1: Amplify Your Intuition

While the micromoon may be working against us, the fact that this moon falls on Halloween, when many believe the veil between the physical and spiritual realm is the thinnest means that we can use this opportunity to really tap into our intuition. The new moon in Libra earlier this month helped us to unlock our intuitive side and seek balance. We will use this balanced, open mindset to help amplify our intuition even more.  

We're breaking out our witchiest candle set to help create the perfect environment for grounding and staying open. The Coven Collection has the perfect blend of earthy woods and patchouli – to promote grounding, soothing herbs – to help our mood, and palo santo – to promote spiritual cleansing. This set burned together helps to set the stage for the calm focus and clarity we will seek to gain during this moon. 

Step 2: Release

Turn your focus inward and dig deep – what has truly been standing in your way. Since the last emotional release during the Aries Full Moon, what has still been keeping you unsettled. Try and find the root cause for all of these things, maybe there's something beyond the superficial issues. Negativity is the symptom, it's time for you to truly discover what is at the heart of these blocks. 

Write down everything that you want to leave behind. Tear the paper up into little pieces and imagine you're letting go of everything that's holding you back. You can toss these papers in the recycling, flush them, bury them, or anything that (safely) helps you feel that you are truly saying goodbye to them. 

Step 3: Attract

Turn your focus inward once more. Concentrate on what it is you want to attract into your life. Say these things out loud and write them down. Put this paper someplace for safe keeping like a bedside table or in a journal. This will act as a physical reminder of what you want to bring into your life 

Close your ritual by putting out your candles using a snuffer or wick dipper. You don't want to blow out your candles as this can symbolize blowing away what you're trying to attract. 

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