What We Watched 4/22 📼

What We Watched 4/22 📼

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Not sure what to watch? He're our weekly recap of what we streamed! PLUS whitch Bijou Candle we burned while watching!

1. Baby Reindeer on Netflix

Wow did this one throw me for a loop! For those of you who haven’t watched this 7 episode mini-series written and directed by Richard Gadd (based on true events from his life), the premise is pretty straightforward - Donny (played by Gadd himself) is a failing comedian in London who bartends at a classic British pub. Unfortunately, nobody told Donny that no good deed goes unpunished, and so Donny extends a helping hand to a bar patron who ends up stalking him (to say the least). If you have watched this show, OMG can we talk about it please?? This sh*t was CRAZY. I rarely watch a piece of media that creates this much conflict within me - I just felt so many feelings watching this. The one thing I will say that won’t ruin the show is that I think the series is extremely important. I called it kind of a Trojan Horse for men - you think you’re getting one thing but it ends up being a manifesto about the devastating effects of toxic masculinity. I know right!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Romy & Michele Candle Set

2. Dune 2 on Amazon

Ok just give me a second while I shake off the final remnants of hair envy I felt during the 3 hours of this movie. Someone give Timmy’s hair an Oscar - it’s just perfectly desert-y. And can I just say how glad I am that we waited to watch this movie in the comfort of our home, because without the closed captions, I don't think I would have been able to follow this movie one bit. Anyway, what can I really say? This movie absolutely slaps. Sure, I am extremely biased - Timmy can do something as terrible as Wonka (sorry everyone) and I still love him like a son (for some reason I cannot explain). And don’t even get me started on Zendaya. To me, Zendaya is the ultimate. She’s an octuple threat (now thanks to Challengers we can add tennis to the list). Like she’s Meryl level good at acting to me. She’s just so captivating. So no surprise that I loved this movie. Better than the first one, can’t wait for the next one to come out in another 20 years when Timmy’s on social security.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Phoebe • Smoky Quartz Candle


3. Under The Bridge on Hulu

We only have 3 episodes of this show so far, but so far so good! Set in 1997, Riley Keough plays a journalist/writer who goes back home to Victoria, BC to work on a new book about the “Victoria Girls”- girls from broken homes who often end up dead or missing. While she’s home, some events go down, and she seems to be the only person who can get answers. So far, I’m very into this show! I love some PNW Canadian scenery, the 1997 styling feels pretty authentic, and I am being kept on the edge of my seat!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Thomasin • Woodfire Candle


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