What We Watched 5/6 📼

What We Watched 5/6 📼

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Not sure what to watch? He're our weekly recap of what we streamed! PLUS whitch Bijou Candle we burned while watching!

1. Madame Web on Amazon

We FINALLY got to watch Madame Web after a long stand-off with mister jeff over there at L’amazon. You see, Madame Web has been available to BUY for $24.99 on amazon for several weeks now. But in THIS economy, as much as I was DYING to see Dakota do whatever it is they have her do in this movie, I just wasn’t going to spring a whole QUARTER HUNDO on BUYING this movie. The hilarious thing is that we probably would’ve RENTED this movie for $25, but something about actually OWNING MW(as much as one can own a non-physical entity - that’s a bigger convo) just didn’t sit right with me emotionally. So FINALLY, after way too many weeks of waiting, the price finally came down to a reasonable $5.99 rental. Now THAT’S worth it. Ok now to the actual movie lol. I’m not really sure what the issue was here, but I friggin loved this movie. It made absolutely no sense, but I enjoyed every second of it. I’m convinced this movie was maligned solely because it’s girls - straight up misogyny! But also probably because it’s objectively a bad movie. But if you watch it KNOWING what you’re getting into, which is a wonderfully camp display of Dakota and Sidney Sweeney (my camp queens), then you will be happily satiated. It’s just perfectly ridiculous and fun, and the ending was maybe my favorite thing I've ever seen ever.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Vampira • Deadly Nightshade

2. Prom Dates on Hulu

We put this movie on during a weekend afternoon of cleaning etc, then we found ourselves restarting it to actually watch from the beginning because it was THAT funny. This little teen romcom starring Ginny from Ginny & Georgia (where is season 3 netflick!?!?!) was so much funnier than it needed to be. This is one of those teen movies that was actually probably written for the adults watching, because the jokes were jokin. Highly recommend this one. Basically, two lifelong besties are obsessed with the idea of having the perfect prom, only to become single the very night before. This leads them to a bender of a night trying to find dates. Oh! And there is a coming out angle that I would’ve been so happy to have as a teen. Loved it!

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Romy & Michele Candle Set


3. The Idea of You on Prime

You’re not gonna believe this, but I liked this movie! Seems out of character, but when Michael Showalter does anything, I love it. We used to share the same commute and I would see him on the train all the time, and every time I saw him, he was wearing those thick black velcro medical sneakers. I love him for that. And as the creator of some of my favorite movies and shows ever, there was no way I was skipping this deviation from his norm. This movie just shows how verse Showalter is - it doesn't have the overt and absurd humor that we usually get in a Showalter joint, but the little hushes of the Com in this RomCom are just perfect. As absurd as the premise of this book turned movie is - basically Anne Hathaway (whomst I love) plays 40 year old Solène (lol) who ends up falling for 24 year old boy bander Hayes Campbell - Showalter manages to make us feel the excitement of what that must be like. Like just imagine being 40 in the audience of a One Direction show and Harry Styles just locks eyes with you and now you’re the love of his life and he buys all the art in your gallery and now you have a stylist and… that’s basically the movie. So fun! There are some annoying ups and downs that honestly made me furious, but overall this movie was fun. And all the music by the fake boy band, August Moon, is so much better than it needs to be.

Candle Pairing: Pair with the Britney • Sparkling Lemonade Candle


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