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Candle Care Kit

Keep your candles burning clean and bright with this Candle Care Kit, featuring a wick trimmer, wick dipper, and candle snuffer in chic matte black stainless steel.

Check out our Candle Care Kit Tutorial here

  • Black stainless steel
  • 1 wick trimmer
  • 1 wick dipper
  • 1 candle snuffer
Extras - Candle Care Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Kathryn H.
Didn’t know I was missing out

I bought the Candle Care Kit after purchasing 9 candles over the past year or so from Bijou—not really sure how much I’d use it. But I’ve been finding it so meditative to care for my candles. Snuffing out the flame by dipping the wick in the melted wax…best thing ever (when it comes to candles). I had never done that before buying this kit. If you have a lot of candles like I do, you should invest in this kit. My new Charmed themed candles look perfect.

very helpful

love the wick cutter

Leah Taylor

Candle Care Kit

Haley M. Fairchild
Elegant & Practical

The tools come sealed in a nice pouch, but are pretty enough to leave out on your mantle, altar, or nightstand. The tools this kit are long and pretty intuitive. One of the most useful tools is the multi-purpose hook which can be used to dip the wick, scrap the sides, remove debris from the wax pool, and probably more. Love love love the wick trimmer. Ordered with my very first candles!

Paired for a gift

I got the kit along with “Willow” as a gift and absolutely love it! The tools are well made and the packaging is perfect for the items. I bought this for a friend but I fully want this for myself now!

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