Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder of The Style Theory

Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder of The Style Theory

August 17 2018

Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder, Owner, Creative Director of The Style Theory & TST Collective

How to Design the Perfect Shelfie

July 27 2018

If you look up #shelfie on Instagram you will come across beautiful setups of various potions & lotions, luxe candles, crystals, and fancy jade rollers. Learn how to create the perfect shelfie to bring joy to your space. 

French Pharmacy Favorites

June 22 2018

Bijou French Pharmacie Favorites

The French are known for their all-natural approach to beauty and using simple products found in local pharmacies. Here are the ones we can’t live without!

Meet Jessica Sloane: Event Planner & Designer

June 8 2018
Nashville Wedding Planner and Event Designer Jessica Sloane
Your go-to gal for weddings and pretty things.

Skincare Tips from an Esthetician

May 25 2018

Skincare Tips

Skincare can be one of those elusive practices that can seem mysterious and difficult. We turned to our friend Julie, a skincare professional, to help us with all of our burning skincare questions!

Meet Chelsea Shukov & Jamie Grobecker: Founders of Sugar Paper

May 18 2018

Entrepreneur Stories: Sugar Paper Founders | Bijou Candles BlogWhen two friends decided to start a stationery business, who knew it would get this big?

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care

April 27 2018

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care | Bijou Candles

From self-care vacations to meditation journals, here are a few tips to give your soul a recharge.

Meet Cordelia Smith: Founder of Formulary 55

April 20 2018
Entrepreneur Stories: Cordelia Smith | Bijou Candles
Formulary 55 founder and CEO reminds us to make every day count.

Spring Cleaning Tips

March 23 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time for a SPRING CLEANING! Let’s put those sweaters away for next winter, stick those boots in storage, and make your home feel sparkling and new, just like the budding blooms of a new tomorrow!

Meet Chelsea Bell: Founder of Stone Fox Swim

March 9 2018
Inspired by the beer and bonfire girl, Stone Fox Swim creator shares her life motto.

BYOV: Be Your Own Valentine

February 14 2018

Single/Married/It’s Complicated (I love that movie)? It doesn’t matter! Be your OWN Valentine this year. It doesn’t matter if your with or without, the best kind of love is the kind you show yourself. 

5 Beauty Products to Combat the Cold

January 26 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’d like your skin to stay Summer glow-y and radiant all year round (but without, like, the sweatiness).

Meet Jamie Kutchman Wynne: Founder of Marigold & Grey

January 12 2018
What's Jamie Kutchman Wynne's motto? Leap and the net will appear.

Top 5 Alternative Holiday Movies

December 22 2017

The holidays are fast approaching and the time is right to re-watch all of our holiday movie favorites.

Meet Bronwen Smith: Founder of B Floral

December 8 2017
Entrepreneur Stories | Bronwen Smith of B Floral
From Wall Street to floral design, read how Bronwen Smith followed her dream career.

6 Easy Tips to Hygge This Winter

November 24 2017

How to Hygge the Sh*t Out of Fall | Bijou CandlesBye, bye fall. Hello, hibernation.

Meet Kim Le Pham: Blogger & Entrepreneur

November 10 2017
A true multi-tasker and ultimate girl boss.

How to Burn a Candle like an Expert

October 27 2017


Follow these candle-burning tips to get the most mileage and enjoyment out of your favorite candles!

Meet Stephanie Fasi & Kerry Sutherland: Founders of Speak Wines

October 13 2017

Bijou Candles | Entrepreneur Stories: Founders of Speak Wines

A business idea started by two friends (over a glass of wine, of course).